Concert preview: The Body

Joel Oliphint

The Body seems like the type of band that would headline the Ravari Room of 10 years ago rather than the Rumba Cafe, but I'm all for venue diversity. Still, even though the Body is just a duo, singer/guitarist Chip King and drummer Lee Buford might make Rumba's walls rumble more than any other act in recent memory. Pitchfork recently declared the Body "the heaviest live metal act and guaranteed death for punk houses' electrical systems."

In March, the Body released two records,No One Deserves Happiness andOne Day You Will Ache Like I Ache, the latter of which paired the noise-metal duo with grindcore act Full of Hell. WhileHappiness couples King's mostly indecipherable, distorted screams with elegiac, hymn-like chants from Assembly of Light's Chrissy Wolpert and others,One Day is screams on top of screams - a brutal, cacophonous onslaught of noise. For experimental metal newbies,Happiness is probably a better, more palatable starting place.

Though dark and confrontational, the Body keeps things interesting, mixing minimalist electro beats and synth waves into the grinding guitar and walloping drums. "Wanderings," the opening track onHappiness, even sounds like it could be the leadoff track of a Low album for the first couple minutes. Come to think of it, Low played Rumba not too long ago, so maybe this band/venue combo makes sense after all.

Rumba Cafe

8:30 p.m. Thursday, June 2

2507 Summit St., North Campus