Staff Pick: Yoni & Geti find their sweet spot with Maddy and Davy

Joel Oliphint

Testarossa, the sophomore album from Yoni & Geti - the project of Chicago rapper Serengeti (aka David Cohn) and Yoni Wolfe of WHY? - is a concept record, chronicling the up-and-down (more down than up) relationship of characters Maddy and Davy, the latter of whom is a musician out on the road attempting to provide for his unstable family.

Cohn and Wolfe apparently wrote the script forTestarossa while on tour together, and the two sound completely in sync. Which makes sense. Both artists experiment with hip-hop, but neither fit neatly into categories, melding indie-pop production with spoken and sung lyrics that seem like they could be tossed off in a stream of consciousness if they weren't so elegantly constructed.

It's in the minutiae of the mundane that Yoni & Geti draw you in. On "Madeline,"Testarossa's hooky standout track, they paint a dark, quirky portrait of the couple's damaged relationship: "Madeline, cool it out/ I'm tired of smashing glasses up the front steps of this house/ You're living loose and playing hoops at the Women's Christian Youth at the edge of town." Elsewhere, on "The Lore," an economy of words says it all: "I'm goo-goo gah-gah over you."

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