Staff Pick: The Conformists and Drose

Andy Downing, Columbus Alive

The bandmates in the Conformists are anything but, favoring unexpected time changes, treated, shape-shifting guitars and vocals that, at times, could most politely be described as unhinged (check the latter half of the lurching, spastic "Our Baseball Careers"). Tracking songs like "Meow," a wandering, 13-minute opus, can feel akin to chasing a deer through the woods, incorporating long, grazing lulls and fast-twitch passages that dart between trees and bound over streams - shades of the sonic alchemists in U.S. Maple.

Divorce, released earlier this year, is the quartet's first album since 2010'sNone Hundred, coinciding with the return of original singer/barker Mike Benker, who's joined in the fold by drummer Patrick Boland, guitarist Christopher Dee and bassist Chris Boron.

Drose, which released the dark, tech-obsessedboy man machine (Orange Milk) earlier this year, opens the show. Double Happiness is already a cozy venue, but expect the walls to feel like they're closing in even tighter as the local avant-noise trio works through claustrophobic cuts like the brooding, percussive "A Clay Mind."

Double Happiness

9 p.m. Saturday,

July 30

482 S. Front St.,

Brewery District