Staff Pick: Shellac

Joel Oliphint

Steve Albini is probably better known today as the surly, principled-to-his-core recording engineer/owner of Electrical Audio studio in Chicago than as the singer/guitarist for influential bands like uncompromising post-punk act Big Black in the '80s and, from the '90s till today, math/noise-rock trio Shellac. If Albini is at the helm, expect a deadpan delivery with a wry (and sometimes controversial) sense of humor and a militaristic commitment to minimalism.

There doesn't appear to be any new Shellac music (the band's most recent release was 2014's well-receivedDude Incredible), but that has never stopped Albini from hitting the road. According to the band's Touch & Go Records artist page, "There is no specific coordination between Shellac's record releases and touring schedules. … Shellac will have a new LP anytime between now and the future." So don't hold your breath for new music, but don't be surprised if a new album drops tomorrow, either.

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