Concert preview: Ry X

Joel Oliphint

It's strange to say a musician got his big break soundtracking a UK commercial hawking TVs, but it's 2016, and here we are. The song in that ad spot, "Berlin," introduced the voice of Ry Cuming, aka Ry X, to an overseas audience that embraced the Australian songwriter's silvery, floating falsetto, which splits the difference between James Blake and Jeff Buckley.

Cuming, who also plays in bands the Acid and Howling, took his time creating his sparse, ethereal sound, dabbling in pop-rock and other digressions before releasingDawn, his first full-length as Ry X, earlier this year. It made waves, but he's still bigger in the UK. (This is his first U.S. tour.)

Ry X isn't as groundbreaking as someone like Justin Vernon, who electronically manipulates his falsetto in Bon Iver to stretch musical boundaries (especially on new album22, A Million) and create unorthodox arrangements that are both beautiful and groundbreaking. Ry X songs are similarly pretty, but they float by like a slight breeze - pleasant enough, but not particularly memorable.(Think twice)

Wexner Center

8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22

1871 N. High St.,