Concert preview: Guided by Voices Appreciation Night

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

There is no underestimating the shadow that Guided by Voices casts over this city. For more than 20 years, Robert Pollard has been the muse, the encouraging older brother, the drinking buddy and the competition for innumerable Columbus songwriters. And rightly so. The man is one of the most prolific, most consistently creative songwriters in America.

For those uninitiated into his cult, Pollard's songs are equal parts '60s pop, '70s arena rock and '80s post-punk, melted down with a heavy dose of psychedelia and the childhood wonderland that one inhabits when teaching 9-year-olds. His songs are catchy and easy to love, and original enough that any songwriter attempting to replicate his formula runs the risk of merely stealing from the master.

That being said, Ohio holds an immense amount of pride in Pollard, and how much of an influence he has had in indie rock. The idea of a Guided by Voices tribute night is an obvious one in hindsight, as it is both an opportunity to showcase Pollard's brilliant body of work and a chance for those he has so influenced to pay homage, and to play Bob Pollard for an evening.

This year's lineup includes Sean Woosley, The Kyle Sowashes, Closet Mix, Parker Paul, Jesse Remnant, Francis Bacon Band and Eric Nassau. A word of warning: There is no telling who else might show up, including Pollard himself.(DON'T MISS IT)

Big Room Bar

8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 30

1036 S. Front St.,

Brewery District