Staff Pick: Dominique Larue album release

Andy Downing
Dominique Larue

Economic uncertainty reigns onHelp Me, I'm Poor, the new, six-track EP from Dominique Larue. “Tell me if you've been this broke,” she raps at the onset of “IDK,” a track that counters the MC's banking concerns with a lush, soul-kissed beat so rich one almost wonders if it contributed to her predicament. But even amid the hopelessness that momentarily threatens to keep Larue bedridden, she continues to search for reasons to forge ahead, be it her son or simply good booze.

Elsewhere, the rapper traces her patch to adulthood — “All we do is change, looking in the mirror trying to figure out who you became,” she rhymes on “Do What I Wanna” — and flaunts her unimpeachable flow on “You May Stay,” a good-time tune that offers needed breathing room. Indeed, by the time the album-closing “Help Me Please” rolls around, in which the MC brews tea for and banters with her depression, it's clear Larue has achieved something close to balance — at least emotionally, if not economically. “The art of being poor, I've mastered it,” she says as the album fades. “I've become a better person because of it.” (Help Me, I'm Poor is available now on Google Play and iTunes.)