Concert preview: Hoops

Rick Allen

As the Cavs return to the NBA Finals, basketball is on a lot of our minds, which made the idea of writing up an Indiana band called Hoops sound fun. Turns out, not so much. Former Bloomington teenager Drew Auscherman named his ambient home recordings Hoops after the style of greenhouse where he worked. Exciting stuff, right?

It turns out it is. Auscherman pulled in a couple of friends, and the quartet expanded Hoops' sound from some presumably pleasant synth washes to a lovely take on guitar rock, one that was mature beyond the band's years.

Although the sound does not emulate either era particularly, much of the band's Fat Possum debut,Routines, is reminiscent of late '80s Cure and post-Police, pre-sucking Sting, when he was either brave or foolish in trying to make contemporary jazz his own (yet ultimately succeeded).

A couple of easier and more recent touchstones would be maybe Arctic Monkeys or Bell X1, both of which have been around a lot longer and already have few lessons to teach these young upstarts. Hopefully Hoops gains some traction, as I would love to see the likes of “Worry” take the place of Double's “The Captain of Her Heart” on soft-rock radio.Dandelion Hunter opens.(Don't miss it)

Ace of Cups

8 p.m. Tuesday, June 6

2619 N. High St., Old North