The List: Ikea line or Sigur Ros song?

Andy Downing

This week is going to be murder on people who struggle with pronunciation.

On Wednesday, June 7, the Swedish furniture manufacturer Ikea celebrates its grand opening at Polaris (brace for gnarled traffic on I-71, insane lines and loud squabbles between couples butting heads in an attempt to land the ideal budget bookshelf). The same week, cinematic Icelandic rockers Sigur Ros visit town for a concert at Palace Theatre on Sunday, June 4.

With that in mind, we thought we'd put together a quick reader quiz. Can you discern which of the following are Sigur Ros song titles and which are Ikea product lines? (Answer key at the end.)

1. Vimle

A sweeping epic that multiple music journalists have compared with Iceland's glacier-scarred landscape or a line of sectional sofas

2. Godmorgon

A bathroom storage cabinet or a deep, percussive number that builds to an orchestral swell

3. Stormur

A line of shower curtains or a slow-developing track centered on singer Jonsi's airy falsetto

4. Jokkmokk

A brief musical interlude off 1997'sVon or a dining table and set of four chairs

5. Svo Hljott

A set of cast-iron cookware or a quiet, graceful tune off 2005'sTakk that unfolds over eight-plus minutes

6. Avalon

The hushed, wordless closer off the band's breakout 1999 albumAgætis byrjun or a line of fitted, 200-thread-count sheets

7. Ingatorp/Ingolf

A galloping track best heard in stripped-down form on the 2007 albumHvarf-Heim or a table and two stools

8. Myrkur

An uncharacteristically “rocking” number off the band's debut or a two-drawered nightstand

9. Hamarvik

A spring mattress or a pastoral number that sounds like the musical equivalent of a fuzzy wool sweater

10. Oumbarlig

A soft-lit, violin-laced tune from the band's “Angels of the Universe” score or a frying pan

11. Rukrym

A warped, ghostly track that closes out the band's debut or a corduroy-upholstered recliner

12. Salka

A set of silverware or a pretty, acoustic number that feels like spring ushering away winter temperatures

13. Melodi

A pendant lamp or the aching centerpiece offHlemmur, from 2007

14. Illgresi

A barely there acoustic ballad among the starkest tunes in the Sigur Ros catalog or a conical, shade-less bedside lamp

15. Kveikur

A crackling number that opens like a digital snowstorm or an oversized, numberless wall clock


Ikea: 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 13