Staff Pick: METZ at the Basement

Andy Downing

It's probably a good thing METZ took a couple years off from playing the Basement, last visiting the venue in July 2015, since the time away was likely essential to preserving the structural integrity of the building.

The Toronto noise-rock trio, which released its most recent album,II, in 2015, specializes in bludgeoning tunes that swing like a High Street-adjacent wrecking ball, building on Hayden Menzies' epic kit-work (dude is one of the best drummers going), Chris Slorach's pliant bass and singer/guitarist Alex Edkins' arsenal of barbed riffs and throat-shredding howls, which tend to paint a fairly dystopian picture.

“I'm always thinking about death, I guess,” Edkins toldAlive in 2015. “In the big picture ... we're just pieces of dust blowing around and bumping into each other and getting stomped out.”

This is the sound of that final, forceful scream before the darkness washes in.

The Basement

7 p.m. Thursday, June 22

391 Neil Ave., Arena District

ALSO PLAYING: Chastity, Cliffs