Weekly concert calendar

Joel Oliphint
Kasey Chambers at Rumba Cafe

June 22

Quemado, the Furcoats at Big Room Bar

Dirty Fences, RMBLR, Mixed Deuceat Ace of Cups

METZ at the Basement

New Thousand at Woodlands Tavern

Metasota at Double Happiness

Twenty One Pilots at Express Live

Sean Carney at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Yetie, Enhailer, Bloody Incisors, Hookers Made Out of Cocaine at Cafe Bourbon St.

AM Soul Society, Luke Harris at Spacebar



The Lunar Yearat the Shrunken Head

Lil Wayne at Express Live

Ray Wylie Hubbard at Woodlands Tavern

Bava Choco, Antioch, Mobile Home at Big Room Bar

Turquoise Feeling, Egon Gone, Master Servos, Day Creeperat Cafe Bourbon St.

Daniken, Army of Infants, Tasty at Treebar

George Barrie Band, Doc Robinson, Forest & the Evergreensat Park Street Patio

Alvarez Kings at Rumba Cafe

Matt O'Ree Band at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza



Devil Doves local release at Woodlands Tavern

Kasey Chambers at Rumba Cafe

Twenty One Pilots at Nationwide Arena

The Spikedrivers at Park Street Patio

Zoo Trippin' at Park Street Saloon

Yellow Paper Planes, The Hex Bombs, Other Peopleat Spacebar

The Hellroys, Lydia Brownfield & Jeff Dalrymple, Ville Billy Rebellion at Big Room Bar

Halo Circus at Rumba Cafe

Devil Doves, Erika Hughes at Woodlands Tavern

Foley and Friends Tribute to Princeat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Cult of Frost, Kill, Peucharist at the Summit

Milky Wimpshake, Future Nuns, Polly Pocket at Cafe Bourbon St.



Sexual Jeremy, Christmas Pets, DJ Jacko Wacko at Double Happiness

The Greeting Committee at the Basement


Levi the Poet at Double Happiness

Pale Grey Lore, Old Blood, Burn Thee Insects at Treebar

Dustbowl Revival at Woodlands Tavern


Dispatch, Guster at Express Live

Weedeater at Ace of Cups

A Will Away at Double Happiness


311 at Express Live

Palisadesat Double Happiness

Diarrhea Planet at Rumba Cafe

Jesus Vio, Happy Family, Pink Owl at Cafe Bourbon St.

Sarah Potenzaat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza


(Sandy) Alex G, Japanese Breakfastat Double Happiness

Dragondeer at the Basement

Corbezzolo, Bloodthirsty Virgins, Lisa Bella Donna at Ace of Cups

Ghost Soul Trio, Megan Taylor at Spacebar

RG Lowe at Big Room Bar

Deadbeat, Richard Album, Field Sleeperat the Summit

Galactic Bass Manifestation at Cafe Bourbon St.

Michaela Anneat Woodlands Tavern


Megadeth at Express Live

Mr. Fahrenheit and the Loverboys at Skully's Music-Diner

Micah Schnabelat Little Rock Bar

Adult Mom, Free Cake for Every Creature at Double Happiness

Blond, She Bears at Spacebar

Future Nuns, Cosmic Family, Floating Teeth, HYTWR at Cafe Bourbon St.

Griffin House at Thirty One West

Phil Clark and the Soulat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

July 1

Chris Cornell Tribute at Big Room Bar

Reel Big Fish, Tunnel Vision at Newport Music Hall

Brimstone Coven, Gudger, Pale Grey Lore at Spacebar

Deuce ‘n a Quarterat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Jared and the Millat Rumba Cafe