Locals: Six Gallery at Spacebar

Joel Oliphint

Back in 2010, local rock act Six Gallery was hitting its stride. The band, which formed in Athens, Ohio, in 2005, had morphed from an instrumental math-rock outfit to a rock band led by the soaring vocals of Dan Francis, who previously fronted Pirate.

Six Gallery's new sound, which retained the band's multi-layered, finger-tapped guitars (courtesy guitarists Ben Schreiber and Will Vokac), caught the attention of Superball Music, which signed Six Gallery and re-released its 2009 album,Breakthroughs in Modern Art. The band embarked on a tour in February of 2010, but the road created insurmountable tensions.

“We'd always had an interesting dynamic with Dan because we had been a band doing an instrumental thing for years as a cohesive unit, and then we invited him to join us. I'm not sure Dan ever felt fully part of the band,” said Six Gallery bassist Alex Weinhardt recently at a Clintonville coffee shop.

After parting ways with Francis, Six Gallery regrouped and recruited Afortiori singer Daniel Erb, then hit the road again. But six weeks into a four-month tour, Erb abruptly left. “We played a show in Athens, and then had a day or two off before heading to New York to play a sold-out show with Biffy Clyro,” Weinhardt said. “Then we got this email saying [Erb] was resigning from the band.”

Six Gallery never recovered its footing. Weinhardt went on to play with Phantods, and the rest of the band moved on, as well. But during Six Gallery's hiatus, the band's fan base continued to grow online. “There's a Japanese cover band doing a set of Six Gallery songs [on YouTube],” Weinhardt said. “There's all kinds of videos of people doing drum covers and guitar covers.”

A reunion show didn't come together until last month,when Six Gallery took the stage at the final Independents' Day festival. The Saturday Giant's Phil Cogley, who also plays with Weinhardt and Schreiber in Weezer tribute band the Pinkertones, joined as vocalist. (Weinhardt said Francis was unable to rejoin due to his schedule; Erb sadly died by suicide in June.)

Coinciding with the reunion, Six Gallery is self-releasingBreakthroughs in Modern Art on vinyl, and Weinhardt said he has shipped pre-orders to Singapore, the UK, Denmark, Germany and cities all over the U.S. On Saturday, Oct. 14, Six Gallery will play a show at Spacebar to celebrate the vinyl release, and from there, Weinhardt said the band will likely book some gigs outside of Columbus in 2018. After that, Six Gallery's future is open-ended.

“A reunion has always been in the back of my mind because we never got any closure,” he said. “We never got to play a last show.”


9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 14

2590 N. High St., Old North


ALSO PLAYING: Vacation Forever, Mostly Ghosts