Staff Pick: Torres at the Basement

Andy Downing

Three Futures, the most recent album from Mackenzie Scott, who records and performs as Torres, opens with the Georgia-born musician singing about moving north to New York City. But the geographical shift pales in comparison to the musical overhaul, which finds Torres embracing programmed drums and percolating synthesizer in lieu of the snaky, trembling '90s guitar chords that fueled her 2015 breakout, Sprinter.

Regardless,Three Futures is far from a dance album, with only the feral “Helen in the Woods” rising above a simmer. But the slow boil serves Torres well, particularly on the airy, haunted title track, which finds the musician wrestling with a trio of potential outcomes. “You didn't know I saw three futures,” she sings. “One alone, and one with you/And one with the love I knew I'd choose.” On an album defined by unexpected choices, that Torres rolls with door number three shouldn't surprise.

The Basement

7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 25

391 Neil Ave., Arena District

ALSO PLAYING: The Dove & the Wolf