Concert preview: Fruit & Flowers at Spacebar

Rick Allen

If you are a young woman who feels the need to quickly throw a band together, Fruit & Flowers can likely show you how. The Brooklyn quartet chooses its influences well, adding to the next chapter of urban indie-rock via femme-punk by cribbing from the beautiful sonic squalls of Lush, the lit-crit post-punk songcraft of the Raincoats and the skewed-pop sensibilities of the Breeders. The end result of this lovely work in progress is akin to a noisier, less-intentionally artsy Blonde Redhead. It is a sound you think you've heard before, but haven't, and don't even realize that you need to. (Safe bet)


9 p.m. Saturday Nov. 11

2590 N. High St., Old North

ALSO PLAYING: Miranova, Gahwns, Church Camp