Weekly concert calendar

Andy Downing
Pere Ubu at the Basement

Nov. 16

Pere Ubu at the Basement

David Wilcox at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Urban Tropic at Ace of Cups

Renee Dion at Rumba Cafe

Joywave at A&R Music Bar

Hazel English, Effee at Big Room Bar

Josh Abbot Band at the Bluestone

Friendshipat Spacebar


Olivia Newton-John at Thirty One West

Last Waltz tribute at Newport Music Hall

Little Beat at Double Happiness

Cheryl Wheeler, Kenny White at King Arts Complex

The Glorious Sons at the Basement

Wax Tailor at A&R Music Bar

David Nail at the Bluestone

Maybirdat Big Room Bar


Pale Waves at Rumba Cafe

Battle Axe, Grayhawk and Matter of Planets at Spacebar

Microwave at Big Room Bar


David Bazan, Michael Nau at Rumba Cafe

SonRealat the Basement

Knuckle Puck at Skully's Music-Diner


Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, Terrestrials, Chris Lute & Friends at Cafe Bourbon St.

Alex Lahey at Big Room Bar

Youth Hostel, Headrush, Bonehead, Dogbite at Double Happiness

Human After All at Donato's Basement


Counterfeit Madison release show at Wexner Center

Future Nuns, Nuclear Moms, Cosmic Family at Double Happiness


Jesse Henry Band covers Tom Petty'sWildflowersat Rumba Cafe

Betsy Ross, WV White, Steven King, Hidden Places at Double Happiness

Courtney From Work at Skully's Music-Diner


Happy Thanksgiving


Beggars album release, Mortimur, Birds of Hair at Ace of Cups

Pink Reason, Unholy Two, Thee Thee's at Double Happiness

Sanctuary: A Tribute to Miles Davis at Rumba Cafe

Daddy'sat the Summit


Dead & Company at Nationwide Arena

Polar Entertainment Presents at Double Happiness

Natural Sway, Noble Vices and Wharm at the Summit

Terravitaat Skully's Music-Diner

Hot Mulligan at Big Room Bar

The Troubled Souls at Rumba Cafe

The Holy Rattlesnakes at Spacebar