Concert preview: Lecrae at Newport Music Hall

Joel Oliphint

Lecrae made a name for himself by rapping boldly about his Christian faith in a way that has earned him the respect of peers and critics rather than the polite smiles often reserved for so-called Christian hip-hop artists. Increasingly, the Houston-born, Atlanta-based MC has used his platform to call out racial injustices and political/religious hypocrisy, and not everyone in his audience has taken kindly to the new approach. But that hasn't stopped Lecrae, or even slowed him down.

“I'm not about placating. I'm about truth. I've always been about truth,” Lecrae said in an interview withAlive last year, and he takes that idea further on “Facts,” a bracing, rapid-fire track from new albumAll Things Work Together.

“Now they actin' like I'm suddenly political/Told me shut my mouth and get my checks from evangelicals,” he raps. “Know you think I'm too black/I just think I'm too real/I grew up on Tupac/You grew up thinkin' that the Panthers was some terrorists/I grew up hearin' how they fed my momma eggs and grits … I ain't really changed, it's the same old rebel/Still a radical, I'm passionate, it's just another level.”(Don't miss it)

Newport Music Hall

6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2

1722 N. High St., Campus

ALSO PLAYING: Aha Gazelle, 1K Phew