Concert preview: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Joel Oliphint

Noel Gallagher's ongoing feud with his brother and ex-Oasis bandmate, Liam Gallagher, is often the reason the musician ends up in the news. Recently, fans have brought potato peelers to Liam's shows in honor of his derogatory nickname for Noel (“Potato”) and the fact that Noel now has a scissors player in his band (true story). According to The Guardian, potato peelers are now banned from the Parklife Festival in Manchester. (See the List for a ranking of Alive Editor Andy Downing's favorite Noel Gallagher quotes on page 4.)

But Noel is still making music, too. This High Flying Birds tour comes on the heels ofWho Built the Moon?, the band's experimental (and spotty) third album that finds Noel filtering his Brit-pop sensibilities through the lens of vintage psychedelia. “Keep on Reaching” is a surprising Stevie Wonder sendup, while “It's a Beautiful World” sounds like an attempt at latter-day U2's attempts at writing a socially conscious radio anthem. And fans who just want to hear what Oasis might sound like today will dig theMorning Glory-esque “Black & White Sunshine.”

Not every experiment works, but kudos to these Birds for taking listeners on a surprising ride when it would be easy to merely rehash the past.

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