2x2 relocating for 2018

Andy Downing

Recently, campus-area Rice Paddy Motorcycles, which has been home to the 2x2 Hip-Hop Festival since its 2015 debut, sold to developers.

As a result, this year’s 2x2 will relocate to the city’s West Side, taking place on Saturday, July 28, at the long-shuttered Hillcrest Lanes bowling alley at 3440 W. Broad St. in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

According to a press release, most of the festival will take place outside the building, with organizers hoping to stage break dancing battles inside the main area of the indoor space.

"I found my love for hip-hop in a house just a few blocks away from Hillcrest,” said 2x2 co-founder Josh Miller in the press release. “I rapped for the first time there, so I’m pumped that we can throw a hip-hop festival across the street from where it all started for me.”