Concert preview: Starcrawler at the Basement

Rick Allen

Starcrawler is equal parts satisfyingly enjoyable and wholly irritating, like a toothache you can't stop biting down on. The band's sound is everything you want from teenagers with guitars — the simplest description of Starcrawler. It is raw, catchy and full of teenage testosterone; the band has no clue that it doesn't know everything.

Only a barely legal brat could ever hope to pull this off, and God knows too many bands on the wrong side of buying beer try, over and over. Not knowing any better, Starcrawler managed to distill rock down to its purest, most rebellious essence. It is bored and horny and violent, and it doesn't know if it's serious in telling you to go screw yourself or not. The band's self-titled debut is absolutely beautiful.

The justly venerated Rough Trade signed the LA foursome and likely was smart enough to keep its old hands off, letting Starcrawler capture lightning in a bottle. There's no telling how the band is going to age, so catch them now, as both of you are only young once. Sundown Club and Lemon Sky open.(Don't miss it)

The Basement

7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 22

391 Neil Ave., Arena District

ALSO PLAYING: Sundown Club, Lemon Sky