Staff Pick: Into the Briar Patch at Spacebar

Andy Downing

The name Into the Briar patch denotes something dark and prickly, and the music on the trio's debut LP, The Pleasures of Drowning, certainly doesn't disappoint. Tracks move from the crypt-still folk of the album-opening “Life in Graves” to “Fuck Everything that Moves,” a droning, eight-plus minute cut that burns low, like the residual glowing coals of a funeral pyre.

In a press release, Brian Wm. Carnahan, who's joined in the trio by Trevor Seymour and Megan Tallman (all three provide vocals and play various instruments), discussed the life events that led him to eschew dark, heavy, plugged-in music for dark, heavy music rooted more deeply in acoustic instrumentation.

Going through cancer treatment and dealing with the accompanying radiation sickness, Carnahan said he started to become obsessed with folk music and a return to more natural sounds. “The use of birch trees and rocks for percussion, the sounds of flowing water,” he wrote. “We were now stepping toward the idea of ‘heavy music' as it related to the religion in our soul and not our stacks of amplifiers.”


9 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 28

2590 N. High St., Old North

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