Staff Pick: The Hotelier at Big Room Bar

Andy Downing

The Hotelier's two most recent albums — Home, Like Noplace Is There, from 2014, and Goodness, from 2016 — function as virtual bookends.

On the former, the Massachusetts emo-rock quartet leans into the hurt on tragic cuts such as “Your Deep Rest” (sample lyric: “I called in sick from your funeral/The sight of your family made me feel responsible”). On the latter, the musicians still carry themselves with a heavy heart, but the results feel more hopeful, as if the storm clouds have finally broken. “There's room enough for both of us, so stay,” Christian Holden sings on the propulsive “Piano Player,” following with a single word that could double as the band's mantra for surviving tumultuous times: “Sustain.”

Big Room Bar

8 p.m. Friday, March 2

1036 S. Front St., Brewery District

ALSO PLAYING: Swim Team, smut