Concert preview: Demi Lovato & DJ Khaled at the Schott

Joel Oliphint
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an easy pop star to root for. For one, she's overcome all sorts of mental health obstacles — depression, an eating disorder, cutting and bipolar disorder. And instead of hiding those struggles from her fans, the former Disney kid left that smile-no-matter-what mentality in her past.

Plus, unlike some other arena-filling divas, she cansing. On 2015'sConfident, Lovato's songs began to match the quality of her voice, and on 2017'sTell Me You Love Me, she takes an even bigger creative leap. Her new brand of R&B-heavy pop works well whether she's belting it out on a single such as “Sorry Not Sorry” or letting things simmer on comparatively mellow album-closers “Concentrate” and “Hitchhiker.”

DJ Khaled is still a person who exists and who insists he makes the best music. He does this by repeatedly shouting, “We the best music!” It's a strong way to make a baseless argument, but I remain confused by Khaled's popularity, and by his ability to convince A-list rappers that he actuallyis the best music. But I'll concede that he has a lot of Snapchat followers, and that his personal brand has likely inspired millions of people to consider whether they, also, could get rich and famous by loudly declaring that they are the best at something (“We the best knitting!”). Credit where credit is due, I guess.(Safe bet/Think twice)

Schottenstein Center

7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 14

555 Borror Dr., Campus