The List: The ultimate rap battle

Andy Downing
Snoop Dogg

Houston rapper Scarface visits town for a show at the Newport on Saturday, March 17. With that in mind, we thought we'd look at how different MCs stack up to their namesakes.

Scarface vs. “Scarface”

Released in 1983, “Scarface” has become the ultimate rapper film (it feels like every MC who ever appeared on MTV's “Cribs” had the movie poster hanging somewhere), but Scarface is the ultimate rapper, consistently delivering heartfelt, harrowing music over the course of two decades. This one isn't even close.Advantage: Scarface (the rapper)

Snoop Dogg vs. Snoopy, the dog

At this point, it's debatable which of the two is more cartoon-like (sure, Snoopy is an animated character, but Snoop has evolved into an animated caricature). Of course, only one of the pair releasedDoggystyle, while the other served as little more than a marketing arm for the Charles Schulz empire. (Charlie Brown carried “Peanuts” and you know it.)Advantage: Snoop Dogg

Ice Cube vs. ice cubes

Both are essential in their own way. Ice Cube is somehow responsible for bothAmeriKKKa's Most Wanted and “Friday,” while ice cubes are central to everything from iced tea to tending to sore muscles. Imagine being forced to drink everything at room temperature, though.Advantage: ice cubes

Eminem vs. M&M's

One melts in your mouth but not in your hand. The other opened his iHeartRadio Music Award performance by using his mouth to hand it to the NRA with a seething verse blasting the organization. When the Detroit rapper take aim at these kinds of targets (rather than, say, his ex-wife or Kim Kardashian) he can be hard to deny. But still, candy.Advantage: M&M's

Kidz in the Hall vs. The Kids in the Hall

The Chicago rap duo turned out a string of better-than-you-remember albums (The In Crowd still bangs), but the Canadian sketch-comedy troupe, which formed in '84, helped shape a generation of comedy.Advantage: The Kids in the Hall

Q-Tip vs. Q-tips

Both could rupture your ear drums if used improperly (watch the volume in those headphones, kiddos), but only one is part of all-time rap crew A Tribe Called Quest, which released six albums over a 26-year stretch, all great.Advantage: Q-Tip

Flo Rida vs. Florida

Florida gave us the George W. Bush presidency (boo!) and the @_FloridaMan Twitter account (yay!) while Flo Rida gave us “Low” (yay!) followed by a string of trash records (boo!). Regardless, I'll take garbage over the unhinged craziness that tends to emerge from the Sunshine State.Advantage: Flo Rida

The Black Eyed Peas vs. black-eyed peas

Two words: “My Humps.”Advantage: black-eyed peas