Staff Pick: First Bite album release at the Summit

Andy Downing

Local death metal quartet First Bite kicks off its new cassette, Afterlife Obsession, with “Caged,” two-plus minutes of garbage disposal sonic swirl propelled by guttural vocals, tireless drumming and churning, chunky riffs that sound engineered to hack through the barred confines suggested by the song's title.

Elsewhere, the band delves into multi-part tracks that veer from chaotic, propulsive passages into more measured, almost melodic turns (see: the title track), and pitch-black cuts such as “Hallow Earth,” where slicing riffs fall with the force of rusted guillotine blades. Consider this an alternate soundtrack to the nightmarish Upside Down world of “Stranger Things.”

The Summit

9:30 p.m. Saturday, March 31

2210 Summit St., Campus

ALSO PLAYING: Navium, Twat Slug