Weekly concert calendar

Joel Oliphint
Portugal. The Man

May 17

Tool music clinic at Express Live

Mason Jennings at Rumba Cafe

Mister Moon, the Worn Flints at Ace of Cups

Better Now, Farseek, Other People at the Summit

Squirrel Nut Zippers, the Whirlybirds at Skully's Music-Diner

Pistil, Pony, Bourbon Train at Big Room Bar

Monoculture, Mystica Mamba at Spacebar

Jesse Terry at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

JNCO at Cafe Bourbon St.

Tomorrow's Bad Seeds at Woodlands Tavern


Columbus Psych Fest at Cafe Bourbon St.

Wesley Bright & the Honeytones at Ace of Cups

Joe Crookston, RJ Cowdery at Columbus Performing Arts Center

Jill Andrews, Alex Barnes at Rumba Cafe

Christopher Robin at the Basement

The Floorwalkersat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Local Tourists EP release at Big Room Bar

Freedom Nicole Moore & the Electric Moon at Spacebar

TATTAT at Woodlands Tavern


Bush League All-Stars, Ugly Stick, Todd May at Rumba Cafe

Fleet Foxes, Amen Dunes at Express Live

Rhiannon Giddens at Southern Theatre

The Sidekicks release show, Swim Team, Kizzy Hall at Ace of Cups

The Ark Band at the Basement

Particle Devotion, Zombie on Radar at Spacebar

The Apple Bottom Gangat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Owel, Plans at Big Room Bar

Mountain Music Festival Pre-Party at Woodlands Tavern


Corey Flood, Penny Wishes, Cherry Chrome at Spacebar

Portugal. The Man at Express Live

The Dangerous Summer at Woodlands Tavern

The Native Howl, the Typical Johnsons at Rumba Cafe

Popa Chubbyat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza


Satyricon at Alrosa Villa

Tony Monaco Trio at Woodlands Tavern


Shining Mirrors, Slimfit, Keating at Spacebar

Wild Rivers, Landon Rowe at Rumba Cafe

The DuPont Brothersat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza


Priests, Mellow Diamond at Ace of Cups

20 Watt Tombstone, Bourbon Train, Reflex Machine at Cafe Bourbon St.

Emmet Cahillat the Shamrock Club

6-1-forteat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza


Full of Hell at Ace of Cups

She Wants Revenge at A&R Bar

Zoo Trippin' at Big Room Bar

Backyard Sticks release show at Rumba Cafe

Starbenders, the Venus Flytraps at Spacebar

The Keels, Mama Said String Band at Woodlands Tavern

Slaid Cleavesat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza


Pillorian at the Shrunken Head

Two Cow Garage, the Right Here, Church Camp at Spacebar

Greyhawk, Son of Dribble, Jacoti Sommes at Cafe Bourbon St.

Blueprint record release, Speak Williams at Ace of Cups

The Cartographersat Bethel Rd. Pub

Kenny Nealat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Linden Hollow, Coal Cave Hollow, Fellow Hollow at Rambling House

STOPS!, Son of Goad, Sonic Roach Destruction Unit at the Summit

Basement, Souvenirs, Match Facts at Woodlands Tavern

Cousin Simple, Girlfox, Personal Public at the Basement


The 3rd Power release showat Rumba Cafe

Giant Claw, Jacoti Sommes, rafting at Spacebar

Lustmordat COSI planetarium

Victor Wooten Trioat Woodlands Tavern

Wolfstock '18 at Ace of Cups

Jerrod Niemann at Bogey Country Tee Off

fo/mo/deepat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza