Weekly concert calendar

Joel Oliphint
Two Cow Garage

May 24

Full of Hell, FYPM, First Bite, Strep Torso at Ace of Cups

She Wants Revenge at A&R Bar

Zoo Trippin' at Big Room Bar

Backyard Sticks release show at Rumba Cafe

Starbenders, the Venus Flytraps at Spacebar

The Keels, Mama Said String Band at Woodlands Tavern

Slaid Cleavesat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza


Pillorian at the Shrunken Head

Grayhawk, Son of Dribble, Jacoti Sommes at Cafe Bourbon St.

Two Cow Garage, the Right Here, Church Camp at Spacebar

Blueprint record release, Speak Williams, Mortimur, Jon Rogers at Ace of Cups

The Cartographersat Bethel Rd. Pub

Kenny Nealat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Linden Hollow, Coal Cave Hollow, Fellow Hollow at Rambling House

STOPS!, Son of Goad, Sonic Roach Destruction Unit at the Summit

Basement, Souvenirs, Match Facts at Woodlands Tavern

Cousin Simple, Girlfox, Personal Public at the Basement

Stock Photo Family, Why Omen, Nick Careless at No Culture

Dean Schlabowske at Hogan House


The 3rd Power release showat Rumba Cafe

Giant Claw, Jacoti Sommes, rafting at Spacebar

Lustmordat COSI planetarium

Victor Wooten Trioat Woodlands Tavern

Wolfstock '18: Parade Rainer, the Ragoons, more at Ace of Cups

Jerrod Niemann at Bogey Country Tee Off

fo/mo/deepat Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza


Norma Jean, the End of the Ocean, Harvester at Ace of Cups

Cliffs, Benjamin Cartel, Sega Genocide at Spacebar

Tommy Jay, Raw Pony, Erik Nervous, Whipped Dream at the Summit

Human After All, ForeverAtLast at Donatos Basement

Foxing at the Basement


Rick Maguire, Yazanat Big Room Bar


Chaos Chaos, WYD, Moon at Big Room Bar

The Menzingers, Good Shade, didiat Skully's Music-Diner

Austin Johnson at Copious


Andrew Bryant, Winter Makes Sailors, Joshua P. James at Spacebar

Marcia Ball at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

Bentley Anderson, Mystic Ruler, Quiet Pepsi, Mike Shiflet at Cafe Bourbon St.

The Soulutions Band at Copious


Nelsonville Music Festival

Deeper, Kissing is a Crime, Montezuma at Spacebar

Druse, California Cousins, the Black Antler, Other People at Cafe Bourbon St.

Temple Monkeyat Copious

The High Definitions, Mobros, the Ragoons at the Shrunken Head

Deeper at Spacebar

Kimbra at A&R Bar

June 1

Nelsonville Music Festival

Incubus at Express Live

Jenny Besetzt, Wharm, WV White at Spacebar

Diana Krall at Ohio Theatre

An Horse at Big Room Bar

Colouring, Fashion Week at Rumba Cafe

Tranquility, Rich People at Donatos Basement

Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers, Flatt Lonesome at Bicentennial Park.


Frank Turner, Homeless Gospel Choir at Express Live

Nelsonville Music Festival

Brujas del Sol, Niights, Golden Death Music at Rumba Cafe

Sarob at the Basement

Brooke Annibale at Thirty One West/Bootlegger