Staff pick: Souther at 934 Gallery

Joel Oliphint

These hot and hazy May days have felt just like July, so when Souther's Carly Fratianne sings about sticky skin and the sinking summer sun on “Golden Hour,” a track from the band's new five-song EP, it feels like a perfect soundtrack to the present.

Evoking a specific feeling is what got Fratianne into music in the first place, and it's what she does best in Souther, one ofAlive's 2018 Bands to Watch. While it's easy to go on and on about her bluesy guitar solos and the way her expressive-yet-understated voice fits her music perfectly, Fratianne's depth of emotion is what makes Souther songs matter.

Earlier this year, Fratianne (who also plays in local act WYD) talked about her struggle to re-acclimate to Ohio after spending time on the West Coast (“I was feeling like a total alien,” she said). On the new EP,Blume, Souther continues to wrestle with feelings of restlessness and discontent. “Golden hour, faded leather couch/Searching for something else to dream about/Spend all my afternoons wishing I was somewhere, anywhere else,” she sings on “Golden Hour.”

Pick up a limited-edition, hand-printed copy ofBlume 10 days before its official release at Souther's 934 Gallery show on Saturday, June 2.

934 Gallery

7 p.m. Saturday, June 2

934 Cleveland Ave., Milo-Grogan

ALSO PLAYING: Daisy Roberts, Kizzy Hall