Concert preview: Calvin Johnson at Ace of Cups

Rick Allen
Photo by Sarah Cass

There is a scene, veiled from our eyes by the mists of time, of teenage Kurt Cobain, his eyes bugged out listening to Calvin Johnson's creeptastic baritone the first time he heard Beat Happening. For me, it was “Other Side” on Black Candy, with eyes just as buggy. Somehow both exuberant and monotonous, Johnson's voice is an acquired taste, but like horehound candy or black licorice, amply rewarding those who stick around. And since Johnson has been flying the flag over at K Records since before you were born, there have been plenty of chances to catch this indie iconoclast. Shells and Sam Corlett open. (Don't miss it)

Ace of Cups

7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 10

2619 N. High St., Old North

Calvin Johnson