Locals: Radattack at Ace of Cups

Joel Oliphint
Photo by Chris Casella

Every band has goals, even if the goal is to not have any goals. But the young rockers in local foursome Radattack, a band in which three of its members have yet to graduate high school, have global ambitions.

“We want everyone in the world to hear our music. We want to be huge,” said singer/guitarist Henry Velour, joined by bandmates Duke Warner (bass), Leonard Velour (guitar) and Nicolas von Salvador (drums) at a Clintonville coffee shop on a recent Friday afternoon. “Everyone who's got a band, in the back of their heads, if someone came up and said, ‘I could give you the world, and everyone will love your music.' That person would be like, ‘Yes, I wanna do this,'” Henry said. “Who wouldn't be about that? We just voice that because we're all ambitious people.”

“We want to break through to the next level,” said Warner, Radattack's sole high school graduate. “We don't want to just be another local band that gets some kind of acclaim in town and then fizzles out as they get older. We want to be iconic.”

Being world-renowned takes work, so the four friends, who all live in the Clintonville area and have made their way through Columbus Public Schools, rehearse constantly. “We practice daily,” Henry said, “but I wouldn't call it practice. It's fun. We get to hang out and make music.”

In the year or so since the band formed, Radattack has digitally released several singles, all recorded with Josh Antonuccio at 3 Elliott Studio in Athens, Ohio. The most recent release, three-song EPMontana Psychedelic Versus Radattack, is rock 'n' roll to its core, with nods to surf, punk and garage-pop.

Henry Velour, who pens the majority of Radattack's tunes, wrote the EP's title track about “a boxer who takes a lot of acid and gets all tripped out and gets messed up boxing in the ring.” “What's My Reputation,” in contrast, comes from a more universal fear. “When there's crazy stories going around about someone, you talk about it with someone, and it makes you think, ‘Who's standing in a group with their buddies talking aboutme?'” he said.

As Radattack shoots for global domination, the band is just as happy to play DIY house shows at it is to play club gigs, such as the show at Ace of Cups on Friday, Oct. 19, alongside local acts the Turbos and snarls. But the four friends are particularly jazzed about a forthcoming December show with the Struts and Albert Hammond, Jr. of the Strokes. “The Strokes are one of my favorite groups,” Henry said. “I'm just gonna geek out.”

Ace of Cups

8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 19

2619 N. High St., Old North


ALSO PLAYING: The Turbos, snarls