Concert preview: Elton John at the Schottenstein Center

Rick Allen

There are two front row seats available for $7,000. For that sum of money, you can either take your spouse to Elton John, or very likely have him murdered if you're willing to lowball a bit. Regardless, if you have the bread, go the Elton John route. This is very likely your last shot at seeing one of our time's most prolific, recognizable and gifted songwriters onstage (although he is in Cleveland on Saturday and Cincinnati in February), as he is insisting this is his final tour. And after five-ish decades on the road, if you are scrambling to come up with seven grand because you kept dragging your feet, this one's on you. (Don't miss it)

Schottenstein Center

8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2

555 Borror Dr., Campus

Elton John