Things We Love: Picks from the Castros

Marco and Sara Castro
Sara (left) and Marco Castro

The Castros is an indie pop/folk duo based out of Westerville, formed by Marco and Sara Castro. Despite both being born and raised elsewhere (Costa Rica and Newark, Ohio, respectively), they love the Columbus music scene and have been part of it since 2009. The duo will be headlining the A&R Music Bar on Friday, Dec. 14. Here are a few of the band's current favorite things.

Iced lattes at Java Central Coffee House

We're all about good iced lattes. I've gone from vanilla lattes to lavender to cardamom rose to my new favorite made with raw honey. And it's not just the espresso that makes our heart sing. It's also that we always run into someone we know there. It's like our very own Cheers. (Sara)

Discovering new ways to make art

I do illustrations, cartoons, designs and cute drawings with smiles :) I have a friend who dresses up as a mermaid — tail and all — for kids' parties, and I felt inspired to attempt to capture how lovely she is, so I started drawing mermaids exploring new techniques. Then, during “Inktober,” I challenged myself to find creative new ways to draw each daily prompt. You can see the results at my Instagram: @FoxAndBeans. (Sara)


We're both obsessed with dogs. When we see a dog we almost always squeal, and most likely look like crazy people. It's only then that we realize there's a human there, too. :D We should probably just get a dog already.

The Gifted”

An X-Men TV show without the X-Men? Sounds weird, but the result is awesome. “The Gifted” has become our weekly soap opera, where we see the struggles of our current society being reflected to us via mutants longing for acceptance and understanding. This fable, or rather parable, shows us that things are not as black and white as we think, or as left and right as they want us to think. Totally recommended!

New music

This year has seen a lot of awesome new music and tours! Some of Marco's favorite bands, like Thrice and P.O.D., released epic albums in the past few months. The Columbus music scene has seen an influx of new albums as well, and great new bands have formed, too. Shows happen almost every day. Then there are open mics, touring and on and on. Let's keep supporting the local music makers and artists as they fill the city with sounds and colors!