Concert preview: Nile Rodgers and Chic at Nationwide Arena

Rick Allen

There is a line in the second verse of Chic's “Good Times” that may be the best line from the '70s disco era. How Alfa Anderson and Luci Martin could play it straight singing, “Clams on the half shell … and roller skates” is a small miracle, but Chic gave us the perfect snapshot of a very wild era.

Guitarist and songwriter Nile Rodgers would go on to helm several more disco hits with Chic, Sister Sledge and others that honestly are more of a footnote in his career than his first big break. After Chic came Diana Ross' early '80s resurgence, David Bowie'sLet's Dance period and Madonna's breakout,Like a Virgin. I cannot stress how big the Bowie and Madonna records were at the time, as well as concurrent hits with Duran Duran and INXS. Rodgers literally capped his domination of the '70s with his domination of the '80s. And now, the study at the foot of this master is metaphorically in the hands of our culture's ultimate gatekeepers, namely white male record collectors who made an uneasy peace with disco and music you can dance to.

Get there early, as Rodgers and Chic are the opening act forCher. Sorry, I got excited and forgot to mention that.(Don't miss it)

7:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 10

200 W. Nationwide Blvd., Arena District

Nationwide Arena