Staff Pick: Milo at the Summit

Andy Downing

In 2018, off the heels of releasing the excellent Budding Ornithologists Are Weary of Tired Analogies, Maine rapper Milo, born Rory Ferreira, announced on Twitter that it would be the last Milo album, with a final tour or two to follow in 2019 before “milo is officially over.”

Considering this current Midwest swing doubles as a parting shot, it shouldn’t surprise that the rapper/producer is approaching promotion with about as much effort as a senior on the last day of high school. Reached via email about the possibility of a phone interview with Alive, Milo wrote, “yeah i’m down. but you got to be smokin a doobie on yr end.” Responding to a second email trying to establish a day and time for the phone call, the rapper wrote, “can you confirm you’ll be burning down a fattie?” (The interview never took place.)

Expect far more engagement onstage from the sharp, lyrically inventive, probing MC, who veers effortlessly between gauzy, laid-back cuts and dense lyrical explorations where torrents of syllables flash like white-hot shrapnel.

9 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20

2210 Summit St., North Campus

ALSO PLAYING: Nova, Senseless, Hafrican

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