Things We Love: Picks from Tango Moms

Tango Moms

Tango Moms is a power pop band from Columbus issuing its debut album, Temper, on Saturday, Feb. 16, at a release show at the Shrunken Head with supporting acts Something Else, Courtney from Work and Discount Nostalgia. James Harker (Spirit of the Bear/Ghost Soul Trio) produced the new album, which follows a relationship through love, lust and (eventually) murder. Here are some things the guys in Tango Moms love.


Austin Crist: There is nothing quite like setting out time in your day to make a nice pot of Maxwell House and selecting a fine record. I enjoy the time it takes, sifting through the different genres and finally choosing your choice of a masterpiece. Then sitting on your bed, opening a good book about murder, sipping some joe and listening to tunes. 

The diverse representation of groups of people in local art

Ben Gordon: Columbus does well in fashion and in local music to represent POC, women and the LGBTQIA community. I see it at every show. I see it every time I’m out with friends or meeting new people, many of whom are part of the aforementioned groups. Their influence is growing rapidly in Columbus. 

Classics Victory’s Live

Preston Budd: Columbus has a massive amount of music venues all varying in size. Victory’s would easily be our favorite thus far. Jeff Straw is the venue’s lead sound engineer and he makes us sound great every time we have played there. It is such a warm, inviting and safe environment for shows. The stage is a perfect size for our band to get rowdy and not topple over onto each other. There’s no place better in Columbus.

Music Go Round

Jon Coon: I love looking at gear, and I’m not sure if it’s a hobby or an obsession at this point. Regardless, my bank account can’t always support my desire to go out and buy a brand new pedal all the time. Fortunately, there’s Music Go Round. I almost always go to the used pedals to check out what deals I can find, and there always seems to be a steady flow of equipment going in and out that I’ve been eyeing, so I often walk out with a “new” toy without feeling too bad about how much I spent. Musicians on a budget can get a good deal on equipment, plus the equipment not being played gets back into the hands of players. If I’m going to go to a music shop just to browse, I always seem to find myself at Music Go Round.