Things We Love: Picks from Carried By Six

Carried By Six

The newborn, six-strong hip-hop collective Carried By Six makes its live debut at Ace of Cups on Thursday, Feb. 28. In advance of the concert, we asked each group member to share one thing they currently love.

Pure Boyz group chat

I never partook in group chats before coming together with these “pure” individuals, but it’s since changed my life. Granted, 92 percent of the time we’re either getting jokes off or kicking Sarob out the chat, or I’m passively saying, “That’s what’s up” when someone says something I dislike. Minus that, the bond established over these almost two years will last a lifetime. –Dom Deshawn

Aggravating Dom

I'm around Dom pretty much all the time, so any chance I can I'm going to do something to get him to say, "That's what's up." That's his automatic response if he's mad. I love it. I probably see or hear it like three times a day — as long as I haven't been kicked out of the group chat. –Sarob

Audio Technica headphones 

I had already spent about $400 and five years with two different pair of Beats by Dre headphones before I got my hands on a pair of Audio Technica M50x. On first listen, I was extremely pleased with the sound quality (and price). I'll never purchase another brand of headphones again! –Snow

Starbucks Mobile Order

What's more exciting than skipping a line of fellow addicts to pick up your grande dark roast coffee in a venti cup with two shots of ristretto, two raw sugars and one stevia (with light almond milk)? And don't let there be grounds in my drip, cause the old barista in me will politely have you just give me a pour over. And, YES, Trek can wait ;). –Trek Manifest

Theraflu (Nighttime)

Is this by choice? Nah, not really. I’d rather be drinking several Jameson and ginger ales mixed by one of the lovely bartenders at Harrison’s on Kenny to celebrate my 25th birthday. But in order to give my all at our debut show at Ace of Cups, this week I’ve skipped blacking out in favor of making silly videos for my group chats and falling asleep at 9:37 p.m. –Joey Aich


If a restaurant slips me Sierra Mist instead of Sprite, I’m furious because I’ll notice the difference immediately. If I’m visiting someone’s house for dinner, I ask if they have Sprite ahead of time. If not, I stop and get one on the way. If I’m out of Sprite at home and dinner is ready, I’ll leave the house and purchase one before I sit down to eat. It’s somewhat ridiculous. The fact I don’t have an endorsement yet is beyond me. Coca-Cola if you’re reading this, hit Andy and let’s make it happen. –Soop