Things We Love: Picks from the Scratches

the Scratches

The Scratches recently welcomed original member Bethany Myers back to the lineup with a show at Ace of Cups and the release of new single “Cracks.” Blending '90s pop-punk and skate-punk with four-part harmonies, the Scratches' sound is catchy and bouncy. You can catch the band on Saturday, March 23, at Victory's Live (543 S. High St. in the Brewery District). Hells Fire Sinners and Life and the Universe open the show. Here are some things the band members love.

Free water

Staying hydrated is important to everyone, from designated drivers to hot, sweaty performers to people who just have a dry mouth. There is no bigger bummer than seeing a bar charging for bottles while not even serving tap water. Water is life, and fortunately most bars around Columbus know what's up. To them we say, “Cheers!” –The Scratches

Level One Bar + Arcade

Sure, video games are great, but have you ever tried PAYING to play them? That's the power of pinball. It's like a slot machine, except it takes actual skill. And instead of winning your quarters back, it turns you into an actual wizard. Level One has the best collection of new and '90s pinball machines, and even though I kinda stink at it, pinball helps me find my Zen when the world's too crazy. –Big Nick

The Howling Commandos

A local band you need to be listening to. Not only are they super talented, really catchy and rockin', but they also happen to be extremely nice dudes. The Commandos are a perfect blend of rock 'n' roll and punk. Another cool thing about the band is you'll often see their members at other band's shows, supporting fellow local acts. Keep your eyes out for a Howling Commandos live show and thank us later. –Darby Antle

Mikey's Late Night Slice

This local pizza chain offers Columbus a chance to grab a slice of foldable pie. The pizza is as authentic NYC as you can get around here, but its legendary Unicorn Sauce and menu items like the Pizza Dawg and Hot Mikey's Takeover provide a Midwestern twist. Best of all, full service locations at Fourth and Main streets and Vine and High streets offer plenty of craft beer and great spaces to hang out or host a gathering. –Jimmy Cassell

Local breweries

Columbus is such a great place for local craft beer, breweries and patio drinking. It's actually one of the largest craft beer cities in the Midwest.Land Grant and Seventh Son are among my favorites, with BrewDog's Punk IPA at the top of my list. –Bethany Myers