Things We Love: Picks from Pale Grey Lore

Pale Grey Lore

Pale Grey Lore draws upon influences vintage and modern to conjure up its doomy psych-rock sound. The band's first LP was released in 2017 on German label Oak Island Records, and its second album is slated for release later this year. Catch the band Saturday, March 30, at the Columbus DSA Brake Light Clinic Fundraiser show at Ace of Cups, also featuring TTUM, Kali Dreamer, Brujas del Sol, Raw Pony and Mixed Deuce. Here are some things the group loves.

Record stores

Columbus has a bunch of amazing record stores that we love, including Elizabeth's Records, Used Kids, Lost Weekend, Records Per Minute, Magnolia Thunderpussy and Spoonful Records. They all have a ton of great vinyl and are all super supportive of local music, stocking releases by Columbus artists and posting show fliers.

Music venues

Although we've lost some good ones over the years, there are a number of solid live music venues around, especially in our part of town. In the Old North, we've got Spacebar, Ace of Cups, Dick's Den and Dirty Dungarees all within a few blocks of each other. Over in SoHud, there's Bourbon St. and the Summit, as well as Rumba Cafe and Used Kids. As long as you're north of Lane Avenue, there's usually something cool happening somewhere between Summit and High streets.

Local eateries

Columbus is notorious as a test market for grotesque corporate chains, but if you look hard enough you can also find a bunch of excellent local eateries, many of which are immigrant-owned. Cinnamon Indian Grill makes the best curry in town. La Poblanita food truck has an amazing tinga burrito. Huong makes a great banh mì. And Pierogi Mountain never disappoints.

Libraries and public parks

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is wonderful and has branches all across the city. We've got lots of beautiful parks, as well, many of which are connected by the Olentangy bike trail.

Columbus DSA Brake Light Clinics

In Linden last summer, the Columbus chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America held an all-day community service event in which volunteers fixed broken tail lights free of charge to help folks avoid unnecessary encounters with the police. By the end of the day, the group serviced 70 vehicles and served countless hot dogs and burgers. This year, Columbus DSA plans to do six BLCs in vulnerable neighborhoods across the city, once per month from May until October. Food and supplies cost money though, so come to Ace of Cups on Saturday and help us raise funds!