Things We Love: Picks from KT Ramsey

KT Ramsey

KT Ramsey left Columbus two years ago to pursue busking in New Orleans. But after a heartbreaking hard-drive crash in which she lost everything, she took some time to explore the world and recollect her artistic focus. She spent an exhausting summer in Europe working on personal film projects, then moved to Kauai to record her own tracks for what became What Ever You Want. Ramsey will perform a set at Little Rock Bar on Saturday, May 11, to celebrate the release of her full-length album, which will be available on all major streaming sites that same day. Here are a few things she loves.

Columbus roots

Of all the crazy stuff I put myself through, I am always grateful to return to Columbus to revel in nostalgia, waltz the Topiary Park, have a pour-over at Upper Cup and perform, record and laugh with some of the most rad folks I've ever known. Columbus has its plentiful offerings. It's where my musical edifice was constructed, and it wasn't easy to walk away from working with stellar backing musicians. But after stuff kept crashing, internally and externally, I accidentally ended up in a whirlwind of travel. Now I've relocated to San Francisco, but I wanted to have the What Ever You Want release show in Columbus. Lisa Bella Donna, who drums for me and co-produced the record, can't make the show due to parental priorities, but Stan Smith will be onstage. They both shred all over the record. It's just the three of us on it — the perfect triangle.


I always thought I was a forest girl, but now I know I am an ocean girl who also likes the forest. Kauai, Hawaii, ruined me for life. I can even surf now! If there was even a skosh of a music scene there, I would've never left. Playing music for the albatross and sea turtles with the waves in the background was truly heaven, up to a point. But I missed gigging, so I moved to Cali.


I make pop records, but I also make ambient-noise-drone-dream-synth stuff. Call it what you want. It's all just sound. I love synthesizers and I love playing them.


People say Americans are fake and smile too much. I say smiling too much is fine, and if it feels fake then it isn't a smile. I smile a lot. I like when other people smile. Smiling is good practice of “Aloha.”

Mineral water

I am super stoked on bubbly water. I guzzle San Pellegrino and Perrier and the kind you can get at Trader Joe's. Never the flavored kinds. I use a glass, not a cup, and often add fresh lemon.