Things We Love: Picks from Sam Corlett

Sam Corlett
Sam Corlett

Singer-songwriter Sam Corlett uses music as a tool for navigating her experiences. After performing in Columbus bands for more than a decade, she became a solo artist in 2018, and is currently writing and recording her debut release. A wide range of influences inform her songwriting — from jazz and soul singers like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday to art-rockers like David Bowie and David Byrne. This month, she released her second single, “Moving Away,” available on all digital streaming platforms. Here are a few things she loves:

Keith Hanlon and Musicol Recording Studio

Walking into Musicol is like stepping into another dimension. The studio was built in 1968. It's still family owned, and they're still pressing records in the basement. It's my absolute favorite place to sing, because of its collection of vintage microphones and the natural reverb plate. Working on my first songs as a solo artist, it's been important to me to be the one making the production decisions. Keith Hanlon gives me the room to do that while encouraging me to try new things and to follow my gut. We've been recording both at Musicol and at home. Because we're neighbors, I have the added bonus of being able to walk over to work on a song whenever we're both free.

A coffee and a crossiant

It's unfortunately rare for me to find a cafe that serves both great coffee and great croissants, but when I find it, I'm reminded that this is one of my favorite things in the world.


I've lived in Columbus all my life, so spending time in different places is important and keeps things fresh for me. Stepping out of my daily environment opens up my idea of the world and inspires me in new ways. Last year, I went to New Zealand where I saw what felt like the end of the Earth — and more waterfalls than I could have ever imagined. This year, I've fallen in love with Paris, with its rich and beautiful history (and obviously because of the amazing croissants).

Live music

I love watching other people play music. Whether it's a solo artist or a band, I love connecting with the energy of a performance.

Creative place-making

Creative place-making refers to the process in which community stakeholders seek to develop the physical and social character of a place around arts and cultural programming in order to facilitate social interaction. Examples of this range from painted murals to pop-up parklets to community gardens. These are unique places being brought to life in otherwise under-utilized areas. I believe there's tremendous value in the idea of a “third place.” Not work or home, but a place where people can come together to build community and share a cultural identity.