What we're listening to: DANA

Madeline Jackson and Chris Lude
DANA, from left: Brian Baker, Chris Lude, Madeline Jackson, Dan Matos

Powerman 5000, "When Worlds Collide"

The first time [drummer] Brian [Baker] got in the van, we set the vibe right out of the gate with the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack. This is now the No. 1 get-in-the-van song.

Brainiac, "Hot Seat Can't Sit Down"

Brian, Chris and I are all huge Brainiac fans and love all their songs, but this song has like THREE hooks. (It's also the Brainiac song I'm singing along to in my brief cameo in the "Transmissions After Zero" documentary.)

Pere Ubu, "Final Solution"

Don't tell Craig and Dave that we totally jockeyed their style for “Cupid.”

Tears for Fears, "Head Over Heels"

The perfect sing-along jawn. Don't doubt our commitment to Sparkle Motion. [Bassist] Dan [Matos] has the jewelry to prove it.

Lost Sounds, "Destructo Comet"

Alicja Trout really is that bitch. Love an apocalyptic bop.

Gary Numan, "M.E." 

I hear Gary Numan hits a pedestrian on almost every tour. I think of this as a totem of traffic safety when we're on the road.

DEVO, "Too Much Paranoias"

DEVO is always on heavy rotation; Are We Not Men is a perfect album and the songs are so fun to play!

Erik Nervous, "&&&"

Had the pleasure of playing with Erik a few summers ago and Dan's been obsessed ever since.

Quintron, "Waterfall"

Chris played this song ad nauseam even before we played with them, but goddamn is it a great song.

Mark Morrison, "Return of the Mack"

Y'all don't know nothing about this right here.

The Gories, "There but for the Grace of God"

A favorite of vaguely pedo Detroit garage rock songs.

Bauhaus, "In the Night"

Always trying to rip off Peter Murphy's vocal breakdown but can't quite get there. Maybe you have to be hanging upside down like a bat.

The Stooges, "Down on the Street"

Listening to this song while driving in high school made you feel like hot shit, turns out it still does.

Paul McCartney & Wings, "Band On The Run"