Classical Baby releases 'Love is for Everyone'

Joel Oliphint
Classical Baby

In case you haven’t kept up with Joe Camerlengo and Courtney Hall, the two musicians bring listeners up to speed in the spoken-word intro of a new Classical Baby song, “The Ballad of Courtney and Joe.”

“It’s Joe from Classical Baby.”

“And Ms. Hall from Classical Baby.”

“We just got married, and we’re on our honeymoon writing the next Classical Baby album together.”

“It’s been pretty fun so far. It’s been a fun trip.”

“All right, Ms. Hall. Ready to rock?”

“I’m ready to rock.”

“Let’s rock.”

It’s true. This past summer, Camerlengo (of Van Dale, Blanket Boys and also Alive’s Best Musician of 2018) and Hall (of Band to Watch wyd) got married, and on their August honeymoon, the pair wrote and demoed new songs for their kid-centered recording project, Classical Baby. And they are most definitely ready to rock.

The result of those honeymoon writing sessions, a three-song EP titled Love is for Everyone, is out today, 11/11 — a callback to Classical Baby’s first foray into children’s music, It’s 11:11 and I’ll Always Love You. This is actually the third release of the year for Classical Baby; in July, the band, which also includes Maddy Ciampa, Carly Fratianne and Corey Landis, released a five-song EP Feeling Good About Waking Up, featuring the song “Brush Up,” which is purposefully 2 minutes long, since that’s the length of time kids are supposed to brush their teeth.

Yes, Classical Baby makes music for children. But like the best songs for kids, adults will get just as much joy out of these tunes. Weirdly, Love is for Everyone pairs nicely with Chance the Rapper’s The Big Day; it’s a celebration of love and marriage that’s simultaneously personal and universal. “Something Blue” evokes the sweet, hazy vibe of waking up next to a trusted partner the morning after a party with friends who gathered for the sole purpose of celebrating the fact that you get to wake up next to this person for the rest of your life. It’s the sun freshly risen, and the feeling is meant to be contagious. After all, love, as the band sings on the title track, is for everyone.

While Classical Baby is primarily a recording project, on Friday, Dec. 6, the band will provide the soundtrack to a series of short silent films, part of the Wexner Center’s annual Zoom Family Film Fest. It’s recommended for ages 8 and up — emphasis on “and up.”