Day drinking with Skegss

Joel Oliphint

When Australian rock trio Skegss was recording its debut album, 2018’sMy Own Mess, the musicians didn't leave the studio for two weeks. They ate there, went to bed there and woke up there. By the end of it, the three friends were starting to feel a bit crazy.

“There was a day where the engineers were mixing and stuff, and we didn't have anything to do, so we just drank all day in the pool and got real wasted and started just tripping out on the time we were having,” said bassist Toby Cregan, who’s joined in Skegss by singer/guitarist Ben Reed and drummer Jonny Lani.  “We had an acoustic guitar down there, and we'd written one song in the studio. … It's actually the song ‘My Own Mess.’ Benny was playing that, and I think that's why we named the album after that track, because that was kind of the coolest moment. And it summed up the year that we'd had leading up to doing that first album.”

Like the rest of the 15-song record, the title track is scrappy and instantly catchy, like power-pop that never saw a need to wander out of the garage (it’s no wonder the guys in Skegss are buds with Chicago’s Twin Peaks). The trio is currently on its third U.S. tour, which will stop at Ace of Cups on Wednesday, Nov. 13. This time around, the band has noticed more people singing along to the songs, but Cregan’s favorite part of touring the States is discovering new, great bands he may not otherwise have heard about in Australia, and then playing shows alongside them.

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Skegss also recently released a new single, “Save it for the Weekend,” which the band recorded in Joshua Tree, California, on its last tour (check out the video below). Initially, the song was slated for a new album, but those plans were pushed back as Skegss continues to tour. Cregan said the band has recorded some demos for a new record, but it’s hard to pin down what direction the songs will take just yet. “We’ve just been doing all the real fun shit of getting to be weirdos and creative,” he said. “But there's some songs on there that I'm pretty psyched on.”

Cregan said he’s amazed at how the band’s popularity has grown since the release ofMy Own Mess last fall, but he’s also not entirely surprised. “I didn't expect it, but I also didn’t doubt that it could happen, just because I respect Benny's songwriting so much,” he said. “I could tell that it would have the potential to connect to a lot of people.”

Ace of Cups

7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 13

2619 N. High St., Old North