Things We Love: Picks from She Bears' Stephen Zefpha Pence

Stephen Zefpha Pence
Stephen Zefpha Pence

Stephen Zefpha Pence, a native of central Texas, moved to Columbus in September 2010 after a summer spent squatting with friends and driving around the country with his band, She Bears. Now, after nearly a decade in Columbus, Pence and She Bears are set to release “We Exist,” the first single off of She Bears’ fourth record. The band will celebrate the single release with a free concert alongside Chicago's Sonny Falls at the Oracle on Friday, Nov. 15. Here are a few things Pence loves.

Live by O.V. Wright

A few months back, I had the honor of taking a Lyft piloted by Melvin Rogers, the trumpeter on Live by O.V. Wright. I only spent about 20 minutes in the car with him, but we talked about life, travel, his career in music and the fact that he had recently decided that he had quit the trumpet. When I pressed him to name his favorite recording that he appeared on, he told me about this concert recording from Tokyo with O.V. Wright. I truly appreciate the recommendation, Melvin.

H-E-B Mixla Tortillas

If you've ever had a corn tortilla fall apart on you while trying to finish a taco in peace, this is the tortilla you never knew you needed. H-E-B combines the best parts of corn and flour tortillas, making Mixlas worth the trip to Texas (or the online order).

Tabletop Game Cafe

When it starts to get too cold to be outside, it's time for me to explore the ever-growing world of tabletop gaming. Tabletop offers hundreds of games, a solid food and beverage menu and a fun space to gather with my favorite weirdos.

Mili Cafe/Ohio Thrift combo

Chilly afternoons call for late pho lunches and a long, meandering look at secondhand goods. Mili is one of my favorite restaurants in town, and the Ohio Thrift at SR 161 and Cleveland Ave. is the best place to find old science fiction and vintage sweaters.

Columbus Metro Parks

I've been a longtime fan of Columbus' central parks, but 2019 has brought a new appreciation for parks outside my normal circles. The dog friendly paths are perfect for sunny morning walks with my girlfriend, Marti, and dog, Jupiter.