Things We Love: Picks from Trying


Columbus indie-pop band Trying makes intimate, basement-bred music combining odd sounds from clarinet, glockenspiel and an array of guitar effect pedals with songwriting inspired by indie rock classics.

The band — comprised of Cameron Carr, Brady Costigan, Zayn Dweik and Laura Lenhart — will release I Just Can’t Feel the Rhythm on Friday, Dec. 6, the second in a series of three release, following I Won’t Let You Lose the Rhythm from earlier this year.

Trying will celebrate the release on Saturday, Dec. 7, with a show at Kafe Kerouac alongside Dandelion Hunter, Angel Cult and Wasp Factory. Donations for the Ohio Environmental Council will be collected in place of a cover charge.

Here are a few things Trying loves.

Saintseneca fandom

We love this weird Columbus folk rock group, but we love the community that surrounds it even more. You can always rely on the band to pop up at unusual venues with great local artists, and you can count on seeing familiar faces in the crowd at most every show. Our drummer, Zayn, first began playing music with us because of an invite to see Saintseneca, and our clarinet/glockenspiel player, Laura, was a longtime friend who we saw most regularly at the band’s concerts.

The public library system

Libraries are incredible little culture vaults full of knowledge and entertainment. Across multiple cities, the public library system has kept a steady flow of books in our hands. (Jenny Odell’s How To Do Nothing was a favorite from this year.) Libraries offer a lot of great community resources and events, as well. Bonus points to Columbus for no late fees and an automatic renewal system.

Kafe Kerouac

You can get a cheap, unlimited cup of coffee and it stays open till the wee hours of the morning. A favorite haunt for powering through college projects but still a charming place to stop by for a cozy concert or chat with friends.

Pierogi Night

The Halloween-season, goth-themed Pierogi Night has been a favorite the last couple of years. VOID and Melanie Darkbloom DJ and usually play excellent tracks from Joy Division, Clan of Xymox, Anne Clark and plenty more. But really, pick any Tuesday at the Cafe Bourbon Street Pierogi Mountain and enjoy the $1 pierogis — lots of vegan options too!

Olentangy River Trail

Great place for a bike ride, morning run, afternoon skate or a long walk with a good album in your headphones. Love having a place nearby that lets us get into nature a little bit. For those lucky enough to be near the trail, it can be a great means of travelling without a car and lessening our environmental impact.