Staff Pick: J. Moriarty unclutters his mind — and yours — on 'Good for Me'

Andy Downing
"Good for Me" album cover

J Moriarty’s Good for Me lives up to its title, essentially serving as an extended self-care reminder set to gentle acoustic guitar.

Opener “Good for Now,” for one, highlights the importance of keeping well hydrated, while other songs include lines about the need to cast aside ego (“Biorhythm”) and repeated affirmations of an internal strength. “Gotta stop thinking you will break at the slightest thing,” Moriarty sings on “Little Time,” an autumnal bit of introspective folk that has more than a little Nick Drake in its DNA. Other bits of advice are more practical, such as a reminder to set aside that cellphone from time to time. (Just not right now, if you happen to be reading this on our mobile site.)

Moriarty’s hushed, unrushed vocals serve as further soothing balm, combining with the delicate instrumentation to create a pulse-slowing, meditative space designed to unclutter listeners' minds. As the musician sings on “Washbrain,” “Wash out the brain and keep the skull clear.” In a world that often demands our attention 24-7, it’s nice to have someone tell us that it’s still OK to tune out.

Moriarty will celebrate the release of the album with a concert at Rambling House on Saturday, Dec. 21, alongside don’t-miss opener (and 2019 Band to Watch) wyd.

Rambling House

6 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 21

310 E. Hudson St., Old North


J. Moriarty album release show