Jan. 9-15 concerts + new shows on sale

Andy Downing
Caroline Rose

On sale now:

The Receiver, wyd, Henry Blaeser at Rumba Cafe on Jan. 24

Caroline Rose, Good Baby at Skully’s Music Diner on March 14

Lord Dying at Ace of Cups on March 15

Nick Cannon at Nationwide Arena on March 21

Beach Slang at Big Room Bar on April 11


Select concerts occurring Jan. 9-15:

Jan. 9

Megan Taylor, Trying, Hello Emerson at Rumba Cafe

Andrews at Big Room Bar

N6664 at Cafe Bourbon St.

The Safest Ledge, Tango Moms at Shrunken Head

Weird Brother, Sunwave at Brothers Drake

Jan. 10

Unholy Two, Crazy Doberman at Ace of Cups

Body Farm record release at Used Kids

Garbage Greek, Boy Shorts, Cory Landis & the Finer Things at Rumba Cafe

Lindsay Jordan, Mery Steel, Sylmar at Shrunken Head

Molotov Trio, Reflex Machine at Spacebar

Laguna Fuzz, Farseek at Cafe Bourbon St.

Ghost Soul Trio, Playing to Vapors, Sam Goodwill at Brothers Drake

Kai Wachi at Skully's Music-Diner

Jan. 11

Lil Durk at Newport

Havoc of Mobb Deep at Skully's Music-Diner

The Serfs, Bruised, Son of Dribble, Kneeling in Piss at Cafe Bourbon St.

Burning Bright, Fashion Week at Rumba Cafe

Twin Cam, Bava Choco at Spacebar

Arterial Mist at Shrunken Head

Shad Jones at Sporeprint Infoshop

Jan. 12

Modern Vices, Dolphin Pal, Radattack at Cafe Bourbon St.

Jan. 13

Advance Base, Sinai Vessel at Dirty Dungarees 

Jan. 14

The Adicts at Ace of Cups

Machine Girl, Nah at Dirty Dungarees

Larry June at Skully's Music-Diner

Jan. 15

DJ Slimm Grimm at Cafe Bourbon St.