Staff Pick: Saintseneca treks to Otherworld

Andy Downing

According to Otherworld founder Jordan Renda, Columbus folk-rockers Saintseneca will be the first traditional band to perform at the immersive East Side art space, which has thus far focused on DJ sets and electronic acts. It’s a fitting pairing, too, considering that Saintseneca’s most recent album, Pillar of Na, from 2018, is populated with songs that sound like trippy spec rooms dreamed up by Otherworld’s team of artists, including “Ladder to the Sun,” “Moon Barks at the Dog” and “Beast in the Garden,” which has some particularly awesome potential.

Singer Zac Little’s surreal musings on death, faith and Bruce Springsteen should flourish in the dreamlike surroundings, flanked by outsized inflated clouds, alien egg-like orbs and a giant mystical tree whose gnarled surface reminds of the inspiration behind Pillar of Na song “Frostbiter.”

“I think of this song as a big tree trunk in the woods where people carve their messages,” Little wrote at the time. “A little space absorbing traces of its environment over time. Every mark corresponds to a different story. Some of them are mine. Some belong to others, yet feel all too familiar.” The same could also be said of Otherworld.

Saintseneca will be joined for the concert by recent Alive Band to Watch Mery Steel, which just released a “Live at Brothers Drake” video album. Check out the entry for “Bear in Your House” in the video below.


10:30 p.m. Friday, March 6

5819 Chantry Dr., East Side