Coronavirus pushes Linda Trip and Calico Boy from No Place to cyberspace

Andy Downing
Bree Frick and John Olexovitch of Linda Trip

Amid ongoing coronavirus-related concert cancellations, some bands have started exploring alternate ways of making sure the show can still go on.

After canceling a gig at No Place Gallery designed to mark Kneeling in Piss' one-year anniversary, bands Linda Trip and Calico Boy have moved to the web for a livestream that will take place tonight (Friday, March 13). As of publication, it was uncertain if Kneeling in Piss would also perform, though Linda Trip's John Olexovitch also promised special guests.

The concert kicks off at 8:30 p.m. over at Linda Trip's Instagram page, which you can visit by clicking here

"The idea is to do a live broadcast a la Glenn O'Brien's TV Party, a NYC public access show from the late '70s," Linda Trip's John Olexovitch wrote in an email. "It feels like a sad snow day but it's also a great time to make a record or put on a show, like bored cousins with an uncle's camcorder. The monotonous routine has finally been disrupted. We're in uncharted waters now. Let's go!"