Daily Distraction: Buy some music on Bandcamp and support racial justice

Joel Oliphint
The Kyle Sowashes

The world of digital music distribution can be a pretty dismal place. Streaming services tend to reserve the lion's share of profits for giant record labels and artists who can bring in millions of streams. Bandcamp, though, is a consistent bright spot. 

Every so often, Bandcamp waives its fees so that all of the money fans pay for downloads goes straight to the artists. Today is one of those days, but here's the other cool thing: Many, many bands are pledging to donate their share of the proceeds to racial justice causes. Check out the list of those artists here and here.

Plus, on Friday, June 19, Bandcamp will donate 100 percent of its share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

One national record I'd recommend that's out today, made special just for the occasion: Strand of Oaks' Ambient forChange, Tim Showalter's five-song foray into the world of ambient music (a world I've been deeply exploring myself lately). All proceeds support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Locally, don't miss the new live album from the Kyle Sowashes, Not Exactly Budokan, recorded live at Ace of Cups in September in celebration of the band's most-recent record, I Don't Know What to Tell You, which may be my favorite Sowashes record yet. This live album sounds terrific, too, and you get to hear every song from I Don't Know What to Tell You in its raggedly awesome glory.

“All of a sudden you’re 41 years old, and things are the way they are, and I don’t have an explanation,” Sowash told Alive last fall. “It’s just the way that I feel with everything. It’s like a, ‘Welp.’ That was an alternative title for the record.”

True words.

All proceeds from Not Exactly Budokan go to the Columbus Freedom Fund, a community bail fund centered on black liberation and freedom.