Daily Distraction: My Bloody Valentine hits streaming services, new music on the way

Starting today, MBV's catalog is available to stream through Domino Records. Plus, Kevin Shields hints at two new albums, one 'warm and melodic' and the other more experimental.

Joel Oliphint
Columbus Alive
From My Bloody Valentine's restored "Swallow" video. A blurry guitar might as well be a MBV band photo.

Since its inception, UK shoegaze legend My Bloody Valentine has seemed like a band not of this world, and not just because of its dreamy, fuzz-drenched sound. After releasing cult favorite album Loveless in 1991, the band didn't release a new full-length until 2013, when, in the middle of the night, My Bloody Valentine released m b v, which found Kevin Shields and crew in top form despite the 20-plus-year hiatus.

In the years since, MBV hasn't made its music streamable — until today. 

My Bloody Valentine recently signed to Domino Records, which is ushering the band into the streaming era while also reissuing remastered physical versions of MBV's catalog. “My nieces and nephews — they would complain to me, because when they would try and show their friends, they can’t find it anywhere,” Kevin Shields told The New York Times. “They’re like, ‘Why are you so purposely obscure? You know, it seems stupid.’ That kind of stuff that made me think, ‘Yeah, I guess my perception of the world isn’t the world.’ There’s a whole world out there I know nothing about.”

Shields also said the band is working on two new albums, one "warm and melodic" and the other more experimental. 

My Bloody Valentine's YouTube awoke with a jolt this morning, too. Browse through the recently uploaded videos, most of which were directed and restored by Angus Cameron. Beautifully fuzzy, blurry guitars abound. "Swallow," featured below, is a personal favorite. It comes from the EP's 1988–1991 compilation.